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Full featured signature control

For use with every client. Web-mailer, Outlook, Mail, etc...

Placeholder as a simple defined string, which can be invested in any mail client in the signature. And so each mail is sent with the correct and same signature. to determine the position of the signature / "footer", so this is not at the end of the e-mail. (and there always double)

This signature is then replaced by the general / specialized signature from Kerio.

In the admin area signatures can be created and assigned by selecting the users. (Company dependent)
The signature is filled width the information from "company location" and user information for all members seperatly.

So it is possible to create 1 HTML signature for all - to apply but dynamically changed for each person. If a direct access to the variable is possible, an integration of logos depending on the chosen or assigned company would be also possible with detailed information of the user.

img src ={Company2}.png

also use for ad-space with central editing

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