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Total SMTP traffic broken down by each user

A client asked me if it's possible to view the number of emails each user has sent for the month. Using another email service for his company - he was able to view how many emails each staff member had sent each month. This gave him an indication as to how hard each sales person was working - or if there was an issue he needed to address.
Looking at the current Kerio Mail Server - I can see list of the total SMTP traffic - but this is not broken down into each user.

I would like to get statistics from KMS showing me total number of emails sent for each user.

Kerio Control shows me the SMTP traffic by each user through the firewall. Would be good to get the same stats with KMS. Also - with greater user statistics - this would help me in selling KMS as appose to clients choosing to go with Google Apps or MS Online for their mail. Currently Google has very poor user statistics. If Kerio could increase it's user statistics this would be a great selling point.

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