How can we improve Kerio Connect?

Provide an option for EMPTY KOFF Outlook Connector Cache by user or by domain

Provide a right mouse button to reset the cache on KOFF outlook connector by user or by domain.

In order to fix some issues that come up when restoring folders, in this case a calendar public folder, we started receiving emails from outlook every 30 seconds stating:
Public folders were probably changed from global to unique or vice versa. run your profile's configuration again and then restart microsoft outlook."

I had to stop kerio and rename three folders to .old, start kerio and wait for the calendar to resync. This did recover the folder, but the emails kept coming. The only want to stop the emails was to walk around, remote in, and call all 60 of my users to resync their offline outlook cache from kerio.

What a pain in the....

Trent Greenawalt
IT Manager
Anderson Pump & Process

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