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Alias from second/third domain

When having more than one Domain (and I set an user-alias in Domain2 to a user of Domain1) it should be possible to send as this Alias-User both in Outlook and Web-Client.

For Example: as redirection to

now should be able to send as

Or if a user from set a delegation to a user of this should also work.

Thanks a lot

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  • Marco Jakobs commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A big +1 here. I was so happy reading that the Kerio Web Client now supports Alias as "from" in version 9.2.2 ... but this is covering only alias domains, not alias addresses on a different domain configured in Kerio.

    This missing feature is preventing us from using the (really good) Web Client at all.

    I should be able to add also my alias addresses from other domains on my Kerio server to the list of email addresses of a user.

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