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Archivement of User/Mailboxaccounts without counting to licences

When an employe leaves the company, I disable his user account but can't delete it, because we might need to access the mails some time later, if we have trouble with a customer etc. Not to mention we are bound by law to save any communication of our company for 10 years.

Two problems with that:

1. The disabled mailbox counts as active license, so soon I will run out of those

2. The access of the mails is not that easy. A webclientwindow for the archived mailbox would be nice, so I can copy/see the mails in it.

It would be nice to select a usermailbox as "archived", exclude it from any license, build in an easy access to the mails and compress them on the file level and log the usage/mails read/extracted etc, in non-deletable files.

Also a archived userfolder should not be reconverted into a usual user folder. If he's gone, he's gone.

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  • Markus Mohr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The undeletable log and no-reconvert option is meant to be in line with the current data protection laws. You might look into it, but you stand responsible for it. (Yeah, Admin could still delete them somehow, but not the boss ;))

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