How can we improve Kerio Connect?

block mail before accepting (during smtp communication)

It would be brilliant if analysing the mail is completed before telling the sending server if the mail is accepted or rejected. With this mechanism the responsibility for at the moment lost important! data is transfered back to the sending server.

At the moment in many countries blocking must be disabled due to legal issues, because the responsibility with blocked mails (with kerio connect) is on the receiving side. And due to confidentiality it is not possible to use the "quarantine address".

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    I'd like to add, that this is still an issue. Kerio Connect before (and now with Bitdefender) does a great job finding spam, but there is no big benefit due to the fact, that we still need to accept all the mails. Blocking must be disabled because the mails already got accepted when many of the anti spam mechanisms take place. So the user still gets all the spam mails in his junk mail folder.

    It would be much nicer if the communication would go like this:
    1. smtp connection start
    2. receive mail
    3. check for spam (spam assassin, bitdefender, bayes, custom filter rules, server based filters)
    4. tell other server if we accept or decline
    5. smtp connection stop

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