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Attachment filter

Attachment filter:

Today there is more then 19.000 different kinds of file extensions in use in the world. I would be nice for security to have a white-list instead of a blacklist attachment filter. The attacker allways decide witch kind of extension to use ore misuse in the attacks.

So if i only want to allow .DOCX then the 18.999 is by default denied.
This wil olso help to ensure the the AV scanning engine really can do a nicer scanning job and improve security a lot.

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  • Francis Van den Eynde commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i think this is already possible.

    you could make 2 new rules and place them at the top of the attachment filter.

    Rule 1 : attachment .docx - action : accept
    Rule 2 : attachment * - action : block

    then only .docx would pass

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