How can we improve Kerio Connect?

Multilevel/Advanced attachment filtering

Kerio Connect 8.5.0 is now able to remove potentially malicious files from ZIP attachments.

It would be good to enhance this feature to allow:

1. Multilevel (recursive) searching for malicious files inside ZIP/RAR archives. Example: a ZIP file contains another ZIP file and that ZIP file contains a virus (exe file). So there are 2 possibilities that You may consider:
a. Reject archives containing archives (i.e. RAR file in ZIP file)
b. Do a recursive search to a specific depth (either hard coded or defined by administrator) in archives and reject if a file with prohibited extension is found

I did a test with eicar test virus (exe file) hidden inside 2 level ZIP and KERIO Connect didn't reject that attachment.

2. Ability to reject password-protected archives (ZIP/RAR)

3. Allow the administrator to define prohibited extensions in archives

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