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A way to report spam to an external spam filter

We're using SpamExperts 's service for filtering spam because Kerio's built-in spam features were not filtering enough spam in our case.

We want an option in Kerio to somehow report spam messages to SpamExperts system so we can train their system even more.

I think the easiest way for Kerio to do this would be an option to call a custom script when the "spam" button is pressed. It doesn't need any gui for this. Just a predefine script in a predefine location... Maybe custom scripts could be added in general, for many actions?

It would make Kerio a better product and would allow integration with different kind of stuff...

For this particular case:
The script could then read the parameter 'spam' or 'nospam' and stdin (where the mail would be) in order to process it an send it back to any external spamfilter. For instance, SpamExperts.

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