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IMPORTANT!! Need to be able to revert Shared defs back to local adminstration!

We manage 6 Kerio conrol boxes, and were excited to have this new shared IP Address group ability, especially when defining known malicious sites in email links. After importing from all 6 local boxes, we had some issues, and wanted to revert the new shared definations to be locally administered on the 6 firewalls again (where they were still showing, but grayed out) and study them more carefully before re-importing and sharing again. So we eliminated the shared definitions form MyKerio. WELL! ALL of the definitions DISAPPEARED from all 6 firewalls, and I was left with NOTHING! Luckily I backup my configs automatically each day, so I was able to restore from those, but.this should be made crystal clear in no uncertain terms that importing shared definations into MyKerio is irreversable.

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    We have the same issue. How can you give administration of the IP adresses in shared definitions back to the local Kerio administrator from the Kerio appliance? If I delete the rules from MyKerio, the rules will also be deleted locally :(

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