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Classifying Youtube traffic

In general, traffic that is classified as 'Youtube' has no other details associated with it.

Youtube videos have details associated with them in metadata - uploader name, video title, length, default quality, etc. The Exinda, when classifying Youtube traffic, just gives it a standard 'Youtube' definition. It does not do a deep packet inspection in order to get metadata about the video being played on Youtube in order to subclassify the traffic as relevant or recreational.

Furthermore, with the rise of SSL being enabled by default, the packet is encrypted and so being able to pull out the metadata would also become a more difficult task.

When looking at Youtube traffic in the Real Time Monitor, it will just show up as 'Youtube', without any further information. In order to help determine what URL might be accessed multiple times, it is possible to use the URL monitoring under Monitor > URLs in order to examine and determine if one of those Youtube URLs is there, and from there, get information on it by visiting the URL.

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