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Bandwidth threshold alerts For Particular Policy

If I say , I am distributing 200MB amongst 4 policies(50 MB each) and if one of the policy reaches up to its 80 % of its assigned bandwidth then there should be a provision in Exinda that user should get an alert via mail or another way.
Hope Exinda team work on it!! Tech Mahindra Exinda Case#00088459

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  • Dan Robinson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There may be a way to monitor such thresholds and events through the use of SNMP monitoring. One would have to look thru the available MIBs and place this specific OID within your NMS setup to monitor, and then email/alert, etc.
    Please take a look at the following entry:

    Hint, hint to Exinda Engineers...
    I believe it may be feasible to have an Exinda configuration section, which someone could select their specific OID, custom name, level and a threshold for their event, to be recorded and sent as a trap to their respective NMS(Network Monitoring System).
    This way the ExindaOS could keep to important and relative SNMP traps for the overall system as delivered and let the customer add their additional traps and level of an event so as to make it relative and specifically tailored to their environment.

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